01 novembre 2008

Receiver O24RCP

Here is the receiver I made as explained on the O24RCP web site. The site explains with many details how to make it, and provide related firmware image. The only tricky thing it to be careful with the components selected and the way to position them so that they fit under the XbeePro module. The picture below show the receiver without the Xbee:

The image was flashed with the very simple ICSP programmer from the same web site connected on a serial port. First tried was unsuccessful because I used a USB to Serial cable. A true serial port is needed on the PC to flash sucessfully the avrtiny 2313.

On the transmitter side, I add to my software the protocol used by O24RCP in version 1.1 or 1.2. A Jumper now select if the transmitter work in RCHome mode, or in O24RCP mode(version 1.1).
Here is a small video showing the system working:

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